Travel to Ukraine

alities and injuries. Drive defensively is the optimum advice re the roads, other road users and the walking, riding public.

By foot

You can walk across the 200 m long bridge from Sighetu Marmaţiei, Romania. Once you get to Solotvino, Ukraine, you can continue your travel in a car or a train. Bicycling is also a possibility in summer.

Note that you cannot cross the border at Krościenko (Poland) by foot or by bicycle. You must be in a vehicle. Coming from Poland by bicycle in August 2011 it took about 5 minute of waiting to flag down a driver who was willing (and had space) to take a person, a bicycle, and a full cycle touring kit. The actually crossing then took about an hour or so. There was no charge by the driver or the immigration officials.

From Slovakia

•    The two border crossings between Slovakia and Ukraine (Ubla and Uzhhorod) are nowadays external Schengen borders and as a rule cannot be crossed by individuals, even not at the official crossing post. You can, however, get into someone's car just to cross the border.

•    There's a bus from Košice (Slovakia) going to Vyšné Nemecké, a border town from which you can reach the border crossing on foot. After crossing the border, you can proceed downhill to the center of Uzhhorod, either on foot or by taking a cheap taxi at the margin of the city